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Cutting Boards

Did you know there are acutally 3 types of cutting boards?
Face Grain, Edge Grain and End Grain

Learn about each below

Face Grain Cutting boards

Face Grain is the simplest of the cutting boards, using the face of the board. Great for serving trays and charcuterie boards. Due to nature knife marks show up more and dulls knives a bit quicker. Can be made very quick and in any dimensions. Also can do custom shape on our CNC machine. Also cheaper of the options


End Grain Cutting boards

End Grain cutting boards are the top of the line of wood cutting boards. Boards are cut so the end of the board is facing up. Leaving less knife marks and slowly dulls your blade. Because of the process it can create different designs. This is the most expensive of the boards. But they do function as a cutting board and also a work of art in your kitchen


Edge Grain Cutting boards

a similar look to Face grain boards, Edge grains board use the side of board, It provides better against knife marks and it won't dull your knife as fast either. Great for cutting boards, Comes in any any dimensions and we can do custom shapes as well on the CNC


Custom Shapes

With our CNC machine we can pretty much take any type of board and cut it to a custom shape or engraving, The options are indefinite with a CNC, have an idea? We most likely to be able to make it happen.

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